„Our products make their way to all those who appreciate the special outside from all supermarkets”

Passion and quality have brought this group of food lovers to make a gourmet experience out of popcorn and try to conquer the snack scene from Berlin Friedrichshain.



he fact that popcorn tastes good also outside the cinema and that its quality can still be improved may sound simple, but only a group of Knalles– a term which stands for fine, excellent and for pop like popcorn–have come up with the idea of making a business out of it.

„Berlin is a great city to start up
a business”

Jeder weiß, dass Popcorn auch außerhalb des Kinos gut schmeckt. Diese Tatsache brachte die Gründer der Popkornditorei Knalle aber auf eine Geschäftsidee.

Actually there is much more than oven-baked popcorn behind the company founded by the two patissiers Lucie and André. Both of them count on proven abilities in renowned restaurants, launched last winter to set the highest standard in fine snacking.

Together with the talented Christopher for brand marketing and Joannes for the creative direction needed to bring popcorn to the next level, Knalle is the very finest handmade popcorn, whose flavours one associate with opera rather than cinema.