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Culinary diversity, internationality and innovative ideas can only be found in a few places in Europe as pronounced as they are in Berlin. Gastronomy and startups transform the world’s view on the city. A new “ecosystem” has transformed in the food industry, that magnetically attracts talents. Young authors examined the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. They have had many conversations and interviews with various inspiring restaurateurs, but also with startups and networkers that are part of Berlin’s food scene. Even if there’s only a small selection of those had a chance to speak in this book – as a reader, you will learn a lot about the personal drive of people who have shaped the image of Berlin.

Gastronomen Berlin


Bulut, Arzu & Yanik, Lale | Osmans Töchter
Can, Mesut | Café Dots
Dayaw, Pepe | Nowhere Kitchen Seite
Demuth, Ninon | Über den Tellerrand
Dost, René | Café Heider
Feinberg Yorai | Feinberg’s
Harter, Till | Das Stue
Horn, Ludwig | A.Horn
Jaeschke, Barbara | Oderberger Hotel
Kammeier, Thomas | EUREF-Campus
Karli, Cem | Nightshop 44
Köhle, Michael & Hauser, Christoph | Herz & Niere
Kovalenko, Tatiana | Voland

Gastronomen Berlin


Lorenzen, Silke | Hüttenpalast
Meyer, Lisa & Havemann, Robert | Rosa Lisbert
Michel, Anton | Richwater & Mitchell
Michelberger, Nadine & Tom | Michelberger Hotel
Mulinde- Schmid, Jeniffer | Die schwarze Heidi
Raue, Tim | Restaurant Tim Raue
Schlögl, Willi | Cordobar
Semmler, Markus | Das Restaurant
Shaw, Robert | Prinzessinnengärten
Strohe, Maximilian | tulus lotrek
Van den Berg, Rijk | Atame
Yaşaroğlu, Ercan | Café Kotti

Startups Berlin


Mealy App
Moonshine O’Donnell
Popcornditorei Knalle
Try Foods

A little appetizer

Ercan Yaşaroğlu

Café Kotti

“This is where you learn about global realities”

Ercan Yaşaroğlu always has his eye on one of Berlin’s social flashpoints from inside his “Café Kotti”. Its cultural diversity is where he feels most at home.

Tim Raue

Restaurant “Tim Raue”

“We want to achieve consistency – as a business too””

Tim Raue in conversation about personal energy, creativity, team spirit, profitability and alternatives in the gourmet restaurant business.

Lale Yanik und Arzu Bulut

Osmans Töchter

“We want to familiarise our guests with the concept of sharing”

Lale Yanik and Arzu Bulut are “Osmans Töchter”. Both of them are doing away with clichés about Turkish cuisine in Prenzlauer Berg

The book.

Frédéric Schumacher (Editor): “Gastro.Startup.Berlin” | Price 22 Euro | 100 Pages| Brochure ISBN: 978-3-9817242-7-1

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