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„New ideas from Berlin”

Michael Müller

Governing Mayor of Berlin

„Berlin is the
place to be!”

Olaf Koch



„Berlin is a trailblazer when it comes to global gastronomy”

Frédéric Schumacher knows the whole world of gastronomy – literally. In order for him to analyze global trends, Berlin seems to be the right spot.

„People, people, people. They are the key to success”

The Berlin blogger Fabio Ziemssen scans startups for new ideas for the future of the food industry.

„The customers decide what’s on the shelves”

Metro regional manager Guido Mischok talking about upcoming trends and the internationalisation of Berlin’s restaurant scene.

„The filter of optimistic realism”

Stefanie Rothenhöfer is the organiser of the Food Entrepreneurs Club – a community that provides practical assistance to start-ups and keeps “visions grounded”.

„It’s who the founders are as people that counts”

Jens Lapinski from the METRO Techstars Accelerator supports startups, which develop digital facilitations for restaurateurs, to market-ready young companies.

„Berlin is incredibly adventurous”

Dr. Stefan Franzke, Chef bei Berlin The diversity in the Berlin restaurant business is an economic factor. Dr. Stefan Franzke, CEO of Berlin Partner, also markets Berlin as a restaurant business location abroad.

Berlin Masterchefs

The award honors the most creative minds of Berlin‘s gastronomy scene.

Food Ecosystem

Food Markets and Food Festivals in Berlin