The Authors

Nitay Feigenbaum

(Born in 1996)

lived in Isreal for a long time. He now studies creative writing in
Hildesheim. He‘s probably working on our next book, which will be about the diversity of Jewish cuisine in Berlin.

Rebecca Hoffmann

(Born in 1984)

is the daughter of a Berlin chef, studied media design and came
back to Berlin after completing her degree in creative writing in Hildesheim. Together with Su Song, she runs a blog about gastronomy.

Alexandra Ketterer

(Born in 1994)

studied economics in Canada and Berlin, and is currently studying creative writing. She gathered gastronomical experience in the capital working as a waitress in a café and a Jazz bar. She motivated most of the other writers to participate in the project.

Romy Kranzusch

(Born in 1990)

is originally from Berlin but very much drawn to the West. Studies in Belgium and the Netherlands, an ongoing love for France. She works in PR, concerning herself with all things creative in Berlin.

Cristina Sánchez Esteban

(Born in 1994)

studied in Madrid, a stronghold of Spanish cuisine, journalism
and law. Doesn‘t wonder about the great number of Spanish tourists and talents in Berlin.

Hannah Schraven

(Born in 1992)

lives in Berlin and Hildesheim, where she studies literary writing.
The pleasure of gastronomy in Berlin taught her survival skills, which she has worked into a poetic potpourri that she publishes on her blog.

Carlotta Sturm

(Born in 1996)

studies literature in Hildesheim. Knows the food industry as a waitress and from her grandparents‘ inn, whose life inspired her to publish her first book on restaurateurs in Stuttgart.

Valeria Truschinski

(Born in 1993)

is originally from Kazakhstan and studied international economy
in St. Petersburg and Heilbronn. For four years, she has worked in a hospital‘s visitor‘s café.
She coordinated the production and made sure that this book was actually finished.

Valentin Karl Waibel

(Born in 1995)

studies political sciences in Berlin and spends his nights, after a
first experience as a barkeeper in Neukölln, much rather as a guest or working on his writing.

Photography, Layout and Web

Alejandra Loreto

(Born in 1987)

is from Caracas, Venezuela, studied social design in Vienna and
now works as an architect in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Other than the two books about gastronomy, a photo project about the blind and a photo book about Austrian grandparents are just a few examples of her love for the world.

Marian Lenhard

(Born in 1990)

comes from Bavaria, studied theology and literature in Erlangen,
and now lives in Bamberg and Hannover. Has trained under a Magnum-Photographer in New York and also does photography for GEO Magazine.

Julia Steiner

(Born in 1991)

is a freelance designer in Stuttgart and, on the side, finds the time to
manage the office of an Italian restaurant. She has also conceptualized and lay outed the book about
restaurateurs in Stuttgart.

Susana Hidalgo

(Born in 1995)

is from Madrid, she studies journalism and audiovisual media. She organized the website. Gastronomy is in her genes: Her father had a restaurant in Madrid. The Stuttgart team are looking forward to her next paella.

Isabel Sáez

(Born in 1985)

Andalusian in Catalonia, she has designed a lot of years in the UK. Isabel has a fantastic plan to provide a digital presence to family restaurants – soon to be booked also in Germany!


Frédéric Schumacher

is – after being taken with the book on Stuttgart – now the true initiator of the Berlin book. For the METRO subsidiary HoReCa.Digital, he searches the world for new perspectives
for the gastronomy sector and finds them in Berlin – see the conversation with him in this book.

Myriam Sztayn und Christian Stigler

maintain the gastronomy network for Berlin Partner and
have, thanks to the Berlin Masterchefs award, a close eye on the food and gastronomy scene in Berlin:
we owe them valuable tips and contacts for this book.

Hans Gäng

journalist, founder and publisher in Stuttgart, grew up in an inn at Lake Constance and has studied – before the fall of the Berlin wall – politics at the FU Berlin. As an economic journalist,
he has yet to stop being astonished by Berlin during his many visits to the city.