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Berlin Masterchef

The annual award honors excellence and creativity in Berlin’s gastronomy scene


n true foresight, the office for economic development created a showcase for excellence in Berlin’s gastronomy scene: The annual award “Berlin Masterchef”. Berlin is a magnet for creative minds who want to make an impact in a culinary sense and need a place to make that happen – this is continuously emphasized and supported by the “Berlin Masterchef”.
This is exactly what the founders of the award had intended. Dr. Volker Hassemer, CEO at that time, and Prof. Dr. Dr. hc mult. Dieter Großklaus, the doyen of haute cuisine in Berlin who received his lifetime achievement award last year, were the pioneers of the movement that aimed to raise the level of quality of restaurants in Berlin. Prof. Dieter Großklaus is not only the city’s most well-known veterinarian, but also carries the honorary title of „Bailli Honoraire” of the prestigious Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in Berlin-Brandenburg. At over 80 years old, he is the honorary chairman of the jury.

Since the first presentation of the award in 1997, it has become a showcase for Berlin’s food scene. Nothing highlights the rapid development of the gastronomy scene in Berlin more clearly than this award. In total, 123 chefs and restaurateurs have been awarded in the different categories.

Former recipients include chefs whose reputation has grown beyond the confines of the capital: Kolja Kleeberg, Tim Raue, Ralf Zacherl and Markus Semmler, to only name a few. The list of restaurateurs that we have spoken to in this book, which is given on the right, is only a short excerpt as well: The ten-page long chronicle of all the award winners, which can be downloaded on the homepage of Berlin Partner, is a culinary “hall of fame” of the capital.

As part of a festive gala dinner, this year’s laureates are announced on the 21st of October. The award is divided into the following major award categories:

  • Berlin Masterchef
  • Regional Masterchef
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Berlin Hospitality
  • Berlin Scene Restaurant
  • Gastronomic Innovators

The Masterchefs

Willi Schlögl
Maximilian Strohe
Michael Köhle
Ninon Demuth
Thomas Kammeier
Tim Raue
Markus Semmler
Robert Havemann und Lisa Meyer